Marshall Mathers LP2 Review

by MRI

As a fan of the old school (doped up) Slim Shady, it’s been hard for me to get in the vein (pun intended) of his last few musical efforts. While I admittedly was not feeling the Beastie Boys throwback, Berzerk, or even the lastest single, Rap God; I must say that this latest Eminem release is saying something. Though he has not yet reached a level of closure over several persisting issues in his life (By the way, who has?), I applaud him for delving back into those raw emotions and providing us with the unique perspective only he can. With that said. No more fluff. Let’s rate this bad boy.

Da Good:

Awesome production. Wicked lyricism and wordplay. Great features from talented vocalist. 

Da Bad

Still a lot of anger there in Slim. So a couple of tracks sound monotonous.

Da Shady

The Real Slim Shady has risen from his seated position. Mr. Mathers came back with an arsenal this time. A musical onslaught.

Da Verdict

A solid 3.5 cones. I wanted to give 4 soooo bad, but I’m comparing Eminem to himself here. Please cut me some slack.

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